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9435 Barnes Road, Castle Rock, WA

Organization Mission

The purpose of this organization shall be to foster, expand, and perpetuate the practice of archery and the spirit of good fellowship among all archers; to encourage the use of bow and arrows in hunting of all legal game, birds, and animals; and abide with the National Field Archery Association (NFAA), Washington State Archery Association (WSAA), and the Oregon Bow Hunters (OBH) in securing better hunting privileges and conditions for Bow Hunters; to cooperate with all conservation organizations in the conservation of game; to maintain a field course and conduct field tournaments and games in accordance with the rules of the Lewis and Clark Bowmen, NFAA, and or the WSAA and OBH

The History of Lewis and Clark Bowmen

The Lewis and Clark Bowmen is a local group of archers and bow hunters that formed and incorporated, a not for profit club in 1985 to provide local support to the sport of archery. Lewis and Clark Bowmen is actually the latest incarnation of the original archery club in this area, the Vagabond Bowmen, which had been active in this area as far back as the 1950ís.

Lewis and Clark Bowmen, working with the Cowlitz Gun Club and the Cowlitz Game and Anglers, built a 28 target National Field Archer Association certified field course and practice area east of the I P Log Pond in 1985. This course was the site of a number of Washington State Archery Association Championship Tournaments. Because of the quality built into this course it was the site on which a number of WSAA State Records scores were shot.

But in 1990, as had happened several times in the past, just as we were getting  well organized and starting to provide a larger variety of sporting events to our members and the community the land we were leasing was sold. Archery was not compatible with the new owners intended use of the land and we found it necessary to relocate once again.

After almost a year of searching for a suitable permanent home, we relocated to a memberís private property where we once again built a fully certified 42 target field course and practice range. This time the club recovered quickly, began adding improvements to the course and the membership grew to just over 300 members making us the largest club in the state. Our invitational tournaments were drawing over 100 participants per event. Our membership included 14 NFAA certified archery instructors and we had State and National Champion shooters in many Adult and Youth classes.

But in 1995 we once again found ourselves looking for a new home. Unexpected family problems forced our landlord to sell the land on which we were located. In 1997 we were able to lease 20 acres from the Washington Department of Natural Resources at 9435 Barnes Road. We once again built a 28 target NFAA certified field course and practice area. We have continued to make improvements and are currently in our third five year lease agreement.  Currently have fewer than 100 memberships.  Our membership includes 10 instructors certified by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). These instructors are available to the public for lessons to instruct the beginning archer as well as those who have participated in the sport.  Contact Bob's Sporting Goods, Archery Department for Reservations at: 360-425-3870.

Our club participates in local public venues such as the Longview Parks and Recreation Mother & Son Event at the lake, NASP tournament events at the Kelso Middle Schools as well as the State NASP tournament, the Go Play Outdoors events at the Cowlitz Expo Center, instruction at Camp Singing Wind and other clubs as requested.

We host four invitational shoot during the year which draw approximately 100 participants for each shoot and have club events at the range.

The Lewis & Clark Bowmen, Inc. range is open to paid club members only except for Sanctioned Invitational Tournaments and Special Events.

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